The RevEntIQ Mission

Ease the process of Enterprises achieving their strategic objectives by transforming the way they engage with the employees.

The Back Story

Running companies is not getting any easier

After multiple years of working in the corporate sector with multiple companies as employers / customers, there was a realization that despite all the years of trying to run better organizations, the management / employee experience has not changed significantly when it comes to delivering successful outcomes.

Most Sales teams always seem to be behind on targets, Delivery teams are having logistics and quality issues, Innovation and R&D projects are quite often behind on time, Customer facing teams are always getting uncomfortable experiences, QA teams are always finding issues in various areas, employees are sometimes not happy with HR, quite often employees seems to be unhappy with the technology given to them by organization.

Leadership creates strategies to address these, makes investments but many times, by the time strategies get implemented, something else changes (Performance challenges/ competition, M&A etc.) and derails things and there is a need to change the strategy.

And then comes the biggest variable of all – Us humans as employees. There are so many different dimensions to our personalities and a wide spectrum of levels within each dimension:

  • Job commitment: Super-enthusiastic to Dis-engaged.
  • Execution Style: Super-Disciplined to Master Procrastinator.
  • Communication: Super-Noisy to Super-Quiet.
  • Innovation: Bursting with ideas to Don’t change anything.
  • Collaboration: Super-collaborative to Very protective.
  • Loyalty: Multi-decade to Multi-month.

Our variability is compounded by our tendency to change based on our personal situations.

How can enterprises establish execution discipline / excellence with so many variables? Maybe it is not possible, but we can create a culture of continuous better performance.

There are a lots of point solutions addressing small parts of the problem today enticing different parts of organizations to adopt these to solve different problems but these are not fixing the issues.

How can enterprises change into an agile organization with a disciplined execution, continuous improvement and a listening culture?

Without creating a dictatorial work environment?

The Solution

To be successful, the solution would need to have following core tenets:

  • For every employee, it should answer the question – What’s in it for me?
  • It should allow employees of different mindsets to improve from their current performance levels and know the benefits.
  • It should cater to all employees.
  • It should be simple and easy for everyone to adopt.
  • It should not create a lot of additional work for employees.
  • It should allow two-way communication of ideas.

Result is the MySuccess platform.

If you are a CxO in your enterprise, you would consider this as it would help your entire organization perform better over the long term and creates a better culture.

If you are in the mid-management, you would consider this as this allows you to deliver better performance to the management while creating a great team to achieve it.

If you are the team (execution employee), you would do this as it helps you to look at a better future faster, make you feel engaged and have a voice (even if your are not the noisy one).

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